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Xavier Garcia: writer and journalist in Catalan language

NOTE: I am sorry to inform that this is the only page in English and that the rest of the web is in Catalan language only -Xavier’s mothertongue. But feel free to download “Xavier’s PRESS PACK”, in ENGLISH, in a practical PDF format.

Forty years is a long period of time, a period that allows oneself to do many things. As a journalist, and also as a writer, I have been able to deepen my knowledge on those things that I deem useful and important to better understand the people and customs of this ancestral territory: Catalonia.

>> Biographical note

Journalist, essayist and biographer. I was born in Vilanova i la Geltrú, south of Barcelona, in 1950.

Since the early 1970s I have dedicated my personal and professional efforts to the culture, history and natural heritage of Catalonia. I have written in most of the past and present media in Catalonia (Presència, Tele-Estel, Patufet, Recull, Oriflama, Canigó, Ajoblanco, El Ciervo, Historia Internacional, Artes Plásticas, Serra d’Or, L’Avenç, 2 Quarts de 10, La Nació, El Triangle, Diario de Barcelona, Mundo Diario, Tele/Expres, AVUI, El Correo Catalán, Nou Diari, El Punt) and I have been consultant for cultural TV programmes and documentaries.

For 15 years I was editor of the AVUI newspaper -note that until 1997, AVUI was the only major newspaper in Catalan language- and I have published so far more than forty books, including biographies, memoirs, essays and Catalan cultural chronicles. In 1994 I was awarded the prestigeous National Culture Award from the Generalitat de Catalunya (the autonomous regional government) for the first series of the book “Homenots del Sud”. Since 1996 I am a regular contributor to EL PUNT newspaper and, lately, I’ve also written for El Triangle, La Veu de l’Ebre i El Diari del Priorat i de la Ribera d’Ebre newspapers.

I have continuously been engaged in initiatives to make the Catalan public aware of environmental issues like nuclear energy, marine pollution and protecting biodiversity. As journalist, I have written dozens of articles and given conferences on matters related with the environmental situation in Catalonia. I have also written books on these questions.  I have worked with Greenpeace and other regional organisations coordinating several campaigns concerned with the defence of nature and the struggle against nuclear waste. I have also been a member of the Green Party and co-founder of organisations such as Una sola terra (“only one earth” sic) or the Association of Environmental Journalists of Catalonia (Col·lectiu USERDA).

>> Some of my books…

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>> Topics

  • Local history
  • Nature and ecology
  • Social Activism
  • Catalan history and culture
  • Analysis of demographic movements
  • Peasantry and rural areas

>> Contacting me…

Xavier Garcia
t: +34 659 557 783
I am based in Horta de Sant Joan (Catalonia, SPAIN).

Please write to Xavier at in FRENCH or in SPANISH. Alternatively, you can reach him in ENGLISH through his agent at Thank you.

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